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2024 Regional Competitions

The Skillaroos Training Squad


Meet the members of the Skillaroos Training Squad

3D Digital Game Art - Competitor; Star Van Wageningen ,(VIC), & Expert, Ryan Goggin (WA)

Additive Manufacturing - Competitor; Gervase Voss ,(VIC), & Expert, Vettrivel  Chinnadurai (VIC)

Autobody Repair - Competitor; Lockie Hipkins ,(NSW), & Expert, Robert Cross (NSW)

Automotive Technology - Competitor; Ross Colquhoun ,(NSW), & Expert, Kirk Trease (NSW)

Bakery - Competitor; Lestatt Hammond-hurst ,(NSW), & Expert, John Reminis (NSW)

Beauty Therapy - Competitor; Jasmine Cecchini ,(NSW), & Expert, Naomi  Zadow (NSW)

Bricklaying - Competitor; Ethan Everett ,(NSW), & Expert, Andrew Hosking (QLD)

Cabinetmaking - Competitor; Lewis Italiano ,(WA), & Expert, Nick Johnston (WA)

Car Painting - Competitor; Jake Twyford ,(VIC), & Expert, Bradley Franklin (NSW)

Carpentry - Competitor; Trey McAuley ,(VIC), & Expert, Allen Hill (NSW)

Cloud Computing - Competitor; Dylan Armstrong ,(VIC), & Expert, Elankayer Sithirasenan (QLD)

Construction Metal Work - Competitor; Joseph  Cramp ,(NSW), & Expert, Michael Schnackenberg (TAS)

Cooking - Competitor; Abbey Kuhnell ,(QLD), & Expert, Ianthe Smith (NSW)

Cyber Security (Team) - Competitor; Lachlan Gelavis ,(WA), Kai Baharthah-King ,(WA) & Expert, Sawan Singh (NSW)


Electrical Installation - Competitor; Dylan Redman ,(QLD), & Expert, Todd Bell (WA)

Fashion Technology - Competitor; Sari Conte ,(QLD), & Expert, Donna Kirby-Drain (NSW)

Floristry - Competitor; Naomi Aguirre ,(VIC), & Expert, David Berger (NSW)

Graphic Design Technology - Competitor; Nellie Holder ,(VIC), & Expert, Brendan Hibbert (WA)

Hairdressing - Competitor; Hannah Gerritsen ,(NSW), & Expert, Donna Demaria (NSW)

Health & Social Care - Competitor; Neave O'Reilly ,(NSW), & Expert, Anne Macleod (NSW)

Heavy Vehicle  - Competitor; Thomas Bevan ,(VIC), & Expert, Raman Badekar (NSW)

Industrial Mechanics - Competitor; Michael Bowen ,(NSW), & Expert, David Baldwin (NSW)

Industry 4.0 (Team) - Competitor; Disha Anchan ,(VIC) & Randy Gunawan ,(VIC),  & Expert, Anu Meta (VIC)


IT Network Systems Administration - Competitor; Ethan Souleles ,(VIC), & Expert, Troy Pretty (VIC)

Jewellery - Competitor; Mitchell Rigney ,(WA), & Expert, Jyothi Collins (NSW)

Mechatronics (Team) - Competitor; Magnus Andersson ,(VIC) & Will Vestergaard ,(VIC) & Expert, Damien Sinclair (VIC)


Painting & Decorating - Competitor; Antoinette Jackson ,(WA), & Expert, Steven Baliga (SA)

Plumbing & Heating  - Competitor; Benjamin Heath ,(NSW), & Expert, Patrick Keating (VIC)

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning - Competitor; Bailey Loenneker, (QLD), & Expert, Carl Balke (QLD)

Restaurant Service - Competitor; Elliana McRae ,(QLD), & Expert, Deborah Smith (QLD)

Wall & Floor Tiling - Competitor; Jacob Dixon ,(WA), & Expert, Liam Cochran (WA)

Welding - Competitor; Harrison Field ,(NSW), & Expert, Mark Williams (NSW)

The Skillaroos Training Camp

The Skillaroos Training Camp was an exceptional experience for the highly skilled individuals who participated. It served as a  platform, offering access to an extensive array of resources, including specialised training in public relations. The participants engaged in a series of diverse workshops and training sessions that were tailored to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Beyond the enriching educational components, the camp incorporated various team-building activities that went beyond mere exercises, fostering an environment of collaboration and mutual support. These activities were pivotal in highlighting the significance of cohesive teamwork and camaraderie in their professional journeys.

One of the highlights of the camp was a delightful French-themed evening, which provided a memorable and enjoyable experience for all attendees. It not only offered a cultural immersion but also served as a testament to the importance of relaxation and bonding in the midst of rigorous training.

In summary, the comprehensive nature of the camp ensured that it was an all-encompassing experience. It not only strengthened the skills of the participants but also cultivated deeper relationships and nurtured the spirit of WorldSkills, leaving a lasting impact on all those involved.


It was truly inspiring witnessing the training squad come together, forging strong bonds and collaborating seamlessly to achieve success in various activities.

These included: 

- Skill dynamics

- Incentive challenge

- Raft building


A French theme night in the spirit of Lyon!

To capture the essence of the Worldskills International competition taking place in Lyon, France, a French-themed dinner was organised. The purpose was to inspire and encourage the squad as they train towards  the Lyon competition, hoping to represent Australia.

The Road To Lyon

Help the Skillaroo Training Squad Represent Australia

These talented young individuals have earned the remarkable opportunity to potentially represent Australia at the prestigious 47th WorldSkills International Championships in Lyon, France, in September 2024. They've been chosen as members of the Skillaroo Training Squad, aspiring to showcase Australian skills on a global stage.

Support these Training Squad members in their quest to demonstrate Australian skills excellence by contributing to their journey to the WorldSkills Competition in Lyon, where they'll compete against the world's best and bring pride to our nation. Your generous donations will be used to help the team to continue their intensive training program as well as help cover competition expenses such as flights, accommodation, meals and uniforms and insurances.

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Tour de Lyon

We invite you to Express your Interest in travelling to Lyon in September 2024 to support Team Australia compete.   We are hoping to take a business delegation who will have access to the International VET conference in addition to the competition as well as a supporters tour, who have the very important role of supporting the team in green and gold!


Click on the relevant tour and register your interest to receive further information in due course.

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The Australian Training Awards were held in Hobart, Tasmania this year. WorldSkills Australia would like to congratulate all the finalists and the winners.

We also extend our congratulations to Mary Faraone, a member of the WorldSkills Australia Board, for winning the Outstanding Achievement in the VET and Skills Sector Award. Additionally, we're delighted to celebrate Holmesglen's well-deserved win of the Industry Collaboration Award.

Our sincere congratulations go out to our Board Member John Tucker, the CEO of TAFE Queensland, who won the Large Training Provider of the Year Award.

Congratulations to Kai Baharthah-King, a member of the Skillaroos Training Squad, who was as a finalist at the Australian Training Awards. On behalf of WorldSkills Australia, we extend our utmost pride in your exceptional accomplishments.

WorldSkills Australia is proud of the dedication and commitment showcased by all recipients in advancing Skills Excellence.

LE Only No Keyline Logo

Lincoln Electric is your one-stop destination catering to all your welding & cutting necessities, including filler metals, automation, weld fume control, and safety & PPE essentials. Their comprehensive range ensures all your welding needs are met impeccably.

We were thrilled to have Lincoln Electric as a valuable partner at our 2023 National Championships. Their involvement went above and beyond, featuring an engaging Try'a Skill activity that included state-of-the-art virtual welding training. They also brought the exciting presence of a cutting-edge robot! Their commitment to innovation and expertise added an extraordinary dimension to our event, providing valuable experiences for all involved.


The Queensland team extends their heartfelt thanks to Linfox for their assistance in delivering their toolboxes from Queensland to Victoria for the 2023 National Championships that were held in August. 





STABILA is a world-renowned and distinguished manufacturer of branded measuring tools of the highest quality. Active in more than 80 countries with its own sales companies, representatives and importers, the STABILA brand is the first choice for millions of professional tradespeople in important measurement technology sectors.

Having STABILA as a partner for Carpentry and VETiS Carpentry at the 2023 National Championships was an incredible asset. Their support played a pivotal role in the thriving development of this skill.



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