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2024 Regional Competitions

2023 Overview

In the panorama of this year's accomplishments, our National Championships stood out as a pinnacle of success! It also boasted a series of extraordinary milestones, featuring an array of impactful networking events, insightful workshops, selection of our Skillaroos Training Squad and their intensive training camp.

National Championships


This year's highly anticipated event was held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Throughout the competitor's incredible journey, they have demonstrated exceptional growth and development, and have radiated a brilliance that transcends mere competition. All participants have become a beacon of excellence, illuminating the path with their remarkable skills and unwavering determination, with their collective efforts painting an awe-inspiring picture of perseverance and talent that inspires us all.

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Networking for Excellence


We had a tremendous turnout for our Networking for Excellence event, held at the Duke of Wellington in Melbourne in March coinciding with our Annual Regional Workshop

We had many  partners attend and thank them for attending. Our CEO, Trevor, shared updates regarding the Nationals in August, with the event serving as a catalyst for forging valuable connections and fostering a strong sense of unity among all attendees.


Sydney event was held at the Cruise bar Circular Quay June 2023.

The Networking for Excellence event in Sydney was truly exceptional! We had many partners for gracing us with their presence. Our CEO, Trevor, shared even more  captivating updates regarding the Nationals in August, and the event served as a catalyst for forging valuable connections and fostering a strong sense of unity among all attendees.

Two Research Reports were released in 2023!

Building Solid Foundations Report

In line with WorldSkills Australia’s strategic objectives, WorldSkills Australia has set out to measure and evaluate business performance and impact with clear focus on:

  • Deriving evidence of core value delivered to WorldSkills Australia customers and stakeholders

  • Further understanding business strengths and areas of opportunity for future growth and sustainability

  • Supporting key stakeholder partners in the skills ecosystem in their continuous improvement strategies to support and challenge our youth to realise their full potential; and Innovation.

    This report summarises key findings from on-line surveys conducted with respondent groups who participated in WorldSkills Australia Regional competitions across Australia in 2022.

Taking Our Best To The World Report 

This report summarises key findings from on-line surveys conducted with WorldSkills Australia competitors and experts who participated at the WorldSkills International Competition 2022 Special Edition from September to November 2022, where the WorldSkills global network hosted skill competitions in a variety of countries and regions. Key focus of this report is to not only further validate data gathered through the Nationals 2021, but also look at incremental value gained in progressing from the Nationals to International Competitions and showcasing excellence on the global stage.

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2024 Skillaroos Training Squad Announcement 

Stay tuned in the NEW YEAR to hear more about the Training Squad!


Skillaroos Training Camp 

The Skillaroos Training Camp proved to be an exceptional experience for the highly skilled individuals who took part. It served as a comprehensive platform, providing access to a wide array of resources, particularly specialised training in public relations. The participants actively engaged in a diverse range of workshops and training sessions specifically designed to augment their skills and knowledge.

In addition to the enriching educational components, the camp incorporated numerous team-building activities that transcended mere exercises, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual support. These activities played a pivotal role in emphasizing the importance of cohesive teamwork and camaraderie within their professional endeavors.

A standout feature of the camp was an enchanting French-themed evening, which offered a memorable and enjoyable experience for all attendees. Beyond providing a cultural immersion, it underscored the significance of relaxation and bonding amidst intensive training schedules.

In essence, the all-encompassing nature of the camp ensured it was a holistic experience. It not only enhanced the participants' skills but also cultivated stronger relationships and nurtured the essence of WorldSkills, leaving a profound and enduring impact on all involved.

The Road To Lyon

Help the Skillaroos Training Squad Represent Australia

These talented young individuals have earned the remarkable opportunity to potentially represent Australia at the prestigious 47th WorldSkills International Championships in Lyon, France, in September 2024. They've been chosen as members of the Skillaroo Training Squad, aspiring to showcase Australian skills on a global stage.

Support these Training Squad members in their quest to demonstrate Australian skills excellence by contributing to their journey to the WorldSkills Competition in Lyon, where they'll compete against the world's best and bring pride to our nation. Your generous donations will be used to help the team to continue their intensive training program as well as help cover competition expenses such as flights, accommodation, meals and uniforms and insurances.

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Tour de Lyon

We invite you to Express your Interest in travelling to Lyon in September 2024 to support Team Australia compete.   We are hoping to take a business delegation who will have access to the International VET conference in addition to the competition as well as a supporters tour, who have the very important role of supporting the team in green and gold!


Click on the relevant tour and register your interest to receive further information in due course.

Give back to the trade you love through skilled migration assessments with VETASSESS.

At VETASSESS, we’re looking for trade-certified people interested in making a career change. Our team assess the skills of prospective migrants in 27 trades, assisting to fill Australia’s skills shortage.

All you need is 3 years of work experience in your qualification, be based in Melbourne or Regional Victoria and ideally have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. No Certificate IV? No worries, we’ll assist you in obtaining the qualification once you join the team.

As a VETASSESS Trade Assessor you will:

  • Get off the tools and give back to your trade.
  • Stay involved with your trade whilst getting out of the classroom.
  • Use your skills, knowledge and experience in a new way.
  • Have the opportunity to travel locally, domestically and internationally.

“VETASSESS is a great place to work for tradespeople who want to make a change in their day-to-day work. You get to stay in touch with your trade, and you actually get to use the skills that you’ve acquired over the years so that you’re able to put that into practice in your assessments,” - Steve, VETASSESS Trade Assessor.

At VETASSESS we foster a culture where team members feel part of something bigger. We offer full and part time opportunities and welcome people from all backgrounds, abilities, and identities. We continue to focus on technology, creating greater efficiencies and fostering innovation. We know that it’s the people who make our business great and we appreciate the importance of building strong teams through social events and networking opportunities.

Apply today to be part of a team where you feel valued, supported and part of something larger, visit

Partner with us!

Interested? Get in touch with our Partnerships Team

8 May

TDA Convention 2024

Sofitel Wentworth, Sydney
Save the date

8-9 May 2024

1 February

2024 Regional Competitions

Competitions across Australia

Feb 1 – Oct 25 2024


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11 September

47th WorldSkills Competition

Lyon, France

10-15 September 2024

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12 June

2025 WorldSkills Australia National Championships

Brisbane Exhibition & Convention Centre

12-14 June 2025

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